Nice to meet you, my name is Alexandra and I own Allie Bienvenue Photography.

A few lovely facts about me.

  • My company name is named after my late grandmother who called me Allie. The Bienvenue comes from my last name which is "Welcome." My ancestors were French and the last name "Welcome" used to be the French translation which is "Bienvenue." So it is my way of honoring my family.
  • I am also a model/visual artist
  • I daydream more than I do anything else
  • A few of my favorite things/inspirations are:
    • Pink Roses
    • Purple Lilacs
    • Willow Tress
    • Incense and Candles
    • Rain, the Ocean, Water in general
    • Thai and Indian Food
    • Death
    • Bears, Bats, Lions, and Jellyfish
    • Skin and Bones
    • Pastel Colors
    • Blood
    • Horror and Sci Fi
    • Dark and Fragile Things

Photography has become a therapeutic outlet for me to release a lot of pent up emotions, bitterness, anger, and sadness in a healthy, beautiful way. It took some time to slowly come into my own style and give myself permission to be exactly who I was, with nothing holding me back. It has been incredibly scary and exciting jumping into such a deep ocean without knowing what lies in the depths. 

My goal with my art is to give people, especially women, confidence with being themselves. I think a lot of women are used to putting on these masks, to hide any "negative emotions." But those emotions such as depression and anger are healthy and need to be felt and then released. Through my photography I can allow and help women to express themselves in a somewhat different way than they can in real life. My work is about the art, the mood, the feeling. 

I hope as you look through my work you are able to feel something and can take something beautiful from what I and the people I have worked with have been able to create together. My style is unique, and I like to capture my clients and models in a different, moodier way than what is common. Let's make some art together that will last!