Excuse Me While Go Into My Cocoon Phase.

It is now October. Most people view this month as a time for horror movies, dressing up, pumpkin flavored everything, and pretending to be witches or Morticia Addams. It is the month of the Harvest Moon, or the Dying Moon. Mother Nature is letting go of her life for the year and she's exploding with color. The weather becomes cooler and the mood of everyone is either excitement or disappointment. 

For me, October is the month where I cocoon. It is the month before my birthday. The month before I rebirth. For the past year I have grown, succeeded, failed, worked my ass off, been hurt, felt loved. My body, like Mother Earth, has reached the time where I must go into my hole in the ground and hibernate like the bear I am. It is not until November that I will awaken as the newly energized Alexandra, ready to start another year of butt kicking. 

October is spent recuperating, and recharging. It is my lazy month, my time to relax. I pushed myself a lot this year, maybe too much at times, and it is time to allow my body the time it needs to breathe and remember its power. The child within is crying out, she needs to be loved. 

I am allowing myself to slow down on projects, on shooting. Instead of four- eight shoots a week, I give myself permission to bring it down to only a few a week. I allow myself to sleep as much as possible, to give my body the rest it desperately needs. I will say no a lot this month. I do not have to anything I do not wish to. I will do more by candlelight. Shower, read, rest, draw, edit, etc. Candlelight recharges me and doing chores and hobbies by the light of fire is calming. I will soak in baths more and drink twice as much water. My element is water, I need to engulf myself in it in order to awaken refreshed. I will do more meditation and yoga, allowing my mind to be at peace so that I may stay grounded. I will pray and read my scriptures, so that I may connect with my God more often. I will say so long to toxic relationships and those that hurt me, to make room for the love that will come my way.

October is the Dying Month, where my old self can go to rest and my new spirit will rise like a phoenix from the ashes where it will be at its peak strength in the coming month and year.

Happy October, lovelies. May you find a way to say goodbye to what is dead or dying, to make space in your lives for what makes you feel alive.




Photos by me, @alexandrajane21