The Power of Vulnerability

Being human is beautiful. I cherish the capability I have to cry and to express emotions. People call me emotional, intensely emotional. I take it as a compliment. I have the ability to be real, to be vulnerable. But not everyone looks at vulnerability as a positive thing.

I am determined to change that outlook on people similar to me. 

Allowing yourself to be sensitive and vulnerable is a strength. It is not a weakness as we have been preconceived to believe. Some of the best people I have ever known are those that have allowed their emotions to finally take over and change them. Being human is the ultimate way to transform yourself into a better, more healthy you. Hiding your thoughts and feelings is unhealthy and you are more likely to confuse yourself and who you really are because you bottle up all the emotions that make you a real and raw individual. 

I think especially for women, we are more prone to hide our human, beautiful selves. We wear masks, trying to convince the world, and ourselves, that we are perfect. That somehow being emotional means we are dramatic or bitchy or babies. We are conditioned to fear that being human is a flaw. 

It is absolutely not true.

Deep down inside all of us we have an inner child. The Child Within. That Child is our true selves. He or She encompasses who we really are and who we are meant to become. This Child needs nourishment, care, and love. Neglecting your Child Within destroys your happiness and health. Taking care of this Child is granting yourself permission to open up to the world and be real and vulnerable. Sure, this is a scary endeavor, but in doing so you are also giving yourself the gift of being healthy. 

Healthiness is power.

Being healthy is not just about exercise and what you eat. It is also about your mind. What you say and do and think. 

I want to set an example to each one of you that being a vulnerable human being, a warrior goddess, is a strength and an indestructible power. Being vulnerable is one of the most intimidating traits to possess, because people who do not fear showing their deepest selves, their Child Within... those individuals fear nothing.

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