The Bernacke Family

This adorable little family braved the freezing winter temperatures to get some memorable shots together. The Bernacke family had just welcomed their first little child, a little boy, and he was so beautiful and made me smile the entire shoot, despite us all being completely frozen! Shooting them was a happy time, and I could feel the love they had for each other the entire time.

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Ashley Part 1

I woke up before the sun rose and put together this floral backdrop. This shoot was particularly exciting for me because it was my first stylized shoot. I had been planning it for a month, figuring out what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted a redhead, and Ashley was perfect for the job. I was able to receive a lot of flowers for this project and it just completed the shoot. This is part one.


Model: Ashley Horrocks, @cheri_xo_official

Florals provided by: Floral Rhapsody Design, @floralrhapsody

Assistant: Simon Blundell



Had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful client early one morning. It was still warm in the mornings then and the birds were chirping and the sun was beautiful on the flowers. I love fall, but I am going to miss beautiful days like this one. 

Dress: Free People

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Katelyn & Maeberry Vintage

Katelyn is amazing in the morning. She always picks me up with a big genuine smile on her face when we shoot and the over alertness in her would normally maybe annoy me if her energy wasn't so positively contagious. She is such a sweetheart and an incredibly hard worker. She is a favorite of mine to work with and I think we always come up with way more ideas than we can keep up with. This time we shot with a beautiful little black dress from Maeberry Vintage, a local Utah vintage shop. Rachael also let us borrow a gorgeous vintage black lace that looked amazing in the morning light. It was windy at the location and as the sun peaked up above the mountains, it cast a magical glow against Katelyn and made her look like such an angel. Freaking morning people... how I envy your morning glow ;)

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Stevie Part 1

This shoot was a blast and has to be one of my favorites to date. I am doing this in two parts because the first half did not involve the smoke bombs but was still beautiful! Stevie Dutson was an amazing model and danced around like a little fairy. The makeup was done by Emily Simek, who also made the gorgeous pink bralet. It was a wonderful and magical evening. So here is part one!

Photography: Me, @alexandrajane21

Model: Stevie Dutson, @steviesmile

Makeup: Emily Simek, @emilyannsimek

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Paris & Maeberry

I had the opportunity to work with the beautiful and delicate Paris Warner and the wonderful local shop Maeberry Vintage. We went up against the mountains in my town and played around in the sage and frolicked in the wind. This happened to be my first fashion shoot and I am extremely proud of it. 

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Andrea, Dance Shoot

Welcome to my first ever post for my new website and photo blog! 

I had the opportunity to shoot this beautiful dance major. She was so fun to be around and work with. There were people watching all around us and she just kept doing her thing and it was so inspiring seeing someone be true to themselves and not have a care in the world. Andrea, thank you for such a lovely shoot!

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