Katelyn & Maeberry Vintage

Katelyn is amazing in the morning. She always picks me up with a big genuine smile on her face when we shoot and the over alertness in her would normally maybe annoy me if her energy wasn't so positively contagious. She is such a sweetheart and an incredibly hard worker. She is a favorite of mine to work with and I think we always come up with way more ideas than we can keep up with. This time we shot with a beautiful little black dress from Maeberry Vintage, a local Utah vintage shop. Rachael also let us borrow a gorgeous vintage black lace that looked amazing in the morning light. It was windy at the location and as the sun peaked up above the mountains, it cast a magical glow against Katelyn and made her look like such an angel. Freaking morning people... how I envy your morning glow ;)

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